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Yes!! Its about time that this guy will be brought to face the real justice. Good job by the dutch police!!...Communism is a dying ideology, please help the Philippines improve by clamping down on th supporters of Mr. Sison. They call themselves "For the people" but look at what their doing, imposing revolutionary taxes to the poor farmers, extorting money from legitimate business, blowing up buses or business establishments that don't pay revolutionary taxes. Killing people who get in their way. The CPP-NDF-NPA organization is just a terrorist organization that needs to be defeated. And, just look at those so called Labor groups, marching on the streets, crying like in the movie because there beloved comrade has fallen. Is this proof enough to filipinos worldwide that these so called labor groups, rights groups, and even those so called MASA are part of the NPA organization?? Please stop supporting these people...Groups like "Bayan", "Bayan Muna", and all those other organizations that have a seat in congress as a party-list representative, most of them or all of them are just communist individuals in the guise as a democratic politician. -zerotech99


MANILA, AUGUST 29, 2007 (STAR) By Jaime Laude - Self-exiled founder
of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Jose Maria Sison was
arrested in the Netherlands on suspicion of involvement in the murders of
suspected military spies among communist rebels in Leyte.

Initial reports said the Dutch police arrested Sison in Utrecht, the
central Dutch city where he has lived in exile since 1987.

Authorities also raided Sison’s office in Utrecht where lawmen
reportedly seized several computers.

Sison, who has been in exile in Europe since 1987, is a political
consultant of the National Democratic Front (NDF).

Although Philippine authorities have yet to confirm the arrest of
Sison, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) issued a statement hailing
his arrest.

“The arrest of Sison is a triumph of justice,” AFP Public
Information chief Lt. Col. Bartolome Bacarro said.

“Ironic as it is, he (Sison) is assured of his day in court, a
right denied to thousands of innocent victims of the communists’ kangaroo
court. This is the long arm of the law catching up with Mr. Sison.”

News of the arrest of Sison also prompted Malacañang to convene the
Cabinet-National Security Council (NSC) last night.

President Arroyo even congratulated National Security Adviser
Norberto Gonzales for Sison’s arrest, a Cabinet official said.

Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye, however, refused to issue a statement
on the arrest saying Gonzales would have to make his own response
regarding the arrest.

Gonzales has been pushing for the arrest and return of Sison to the
country to answer for the purge of communist rebels in the last three
decades that killed thousands of suspected government deep penetration

While it could not be immediately ascertained who filed the charges
against Sison, it was gathered that these cases were in connection with
the CPP-NPA purges in Eastern Visayas, more specifically the victims of
New People’s Army summary execution in Inopacan, Leyte from the early
1980s to early 1990s.

Several former NPA commanders in Leyte who have turned state witness
linked Sison, along with Bayan Muna party-list Rep. Satur Ocampo, as
the masterminds of the purge, whose victims were mostly civilians suspected
to be military spies.

Sison’s arrest came two days after relatives of the victims of the
Inopacan massacre celebrated the first anniversary of the discovery of
the mass grave of their missing loved ones in the mountains of Barangay

As to the impact of Sison’s arrest on the underground communist
movement in the country, Bacarro, for the time being, had declined to issue any

Meanwhile, Senator Jamby Madrigal said they need to know the reasons
why Joma was placed under arrest. “What were the charges brought against
him? Was the Dutch court properly informed? Who made the representations
with the Dutch court? The arrest of Joma raises more questions than
answers,” she said. – Paolo Romero, AP

Oh come on, who voted for this communist hugging girl?? - zerotech99

3 NPAs say rebels kidnapped Burgos

By Cecille Suerte Felipe
Wednesday, August 29, 2007

(STAR) Three self-confessed active members of the New People’s Army
(NPA) claimed that members of the revolutionary movement abducted Jonas
Burgos for alleged pilfering of funds and disloyalty to the

The three NPA members – Emerito Lipio, alias Ka Tibo; Marlon
Manuel, alias Ka Carlo; and Melissa Concepcion Reyes, alias Ka Lisa – accused
the group of Delfin de Guzman, alias Ka Baste, of responsibility in
abducting Burgos last April 28 in a mall in Fairview, Quezon City.

The three also named a certain Ka Dante and Enso as among the four
men who actually abducted Burgos, who has not been seen since then.
The rebels had given voluntary statements to Senior Superintendent
Joel Coronel, chief of the High Profile Case division of the Criminal
Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG). They were presented to the
media yesterday afternoon.

Coronel said charges of kidnapping will be filed against De Guzman,
Ka Dante and Enso, of the Communist Party of the Philippines-NPA
Rebolusyonaryong Yunit Guerrilla before the Department of Justice

“We will endorse their statements and the result of the
investigation to the DOJ for evaluation and recommendation for
possible inclusion in the witness protection program as they now
fear reprisal from the leadership of the CPP-NPA,” said Coronel.

The breakthrough in the investigation of the Burgos case came after
Lipio’s arrest for extortion by the Bulacan Provincial Police Office.
During the investigation, Lipio told probers that he knew vital
information about the disappearance of Burgos.

He also claimed that Burgos, whom he knew as Ka Ramon, was his
comrade in the “white area” of the Bulacan Party Committee of the CPP-NPA.

Lipio said he joined the movement in 2004 but Burgos had been with
the group for quite sometime.

However, Lipio said De Guzman instructed him and Manuel last April to
conduct discreet surveillance and investigation on Burgos, who had
reportedly violated some regulations in the organization. The movement,
he said, suspected Burgos of pilfering the funds of the organization and
acting as a military agent.

Acting on De Guzman’s instruction, Lipio said he and Manuel tried
to monitor Burgos’ movements without his knowledge. Last April 28, the
two were tailing Burgos in a mall in Fairview, Quezon City when they saw
him meet Reyes and another comrade known only as Ka Jo.

“While inside the mall, we were surprised to see Burgos being
forcibly taken out by four men who shoved him inside a van,” Lipio said.

Lipio was arrested for extortion last Aug. 20, during which he
revealed his knowledge on the Burgos case and helped the police trace Manuel,
who corroborated his statement. Later, the police also located Reyes who
gave a similar statement to the police.

Lipio said he decided to reveal what he knows for fear that he might
suffer the fate of Burgos. He could not, however, pinpoint where the
rebels may have hidden Burgos or if he is still alive.

New bill on enforced disappearances

As this developed, 131 lawyers from the administration and opposition
camps crossed party lines yesterday to support a measure aimed at
penalizing the crime of enforced disappearances.

Bayan Muna Rep. Satur Ocampo, principal author of House Bill 2263 or
An Act Defining and Penalizing the Crime of Enforced or Involuntary
Disappearance, said they hope to end the cycle of desaparecidos, who
are victims of military violence.

“If passed, this law will be a breakthrough for human rights in the
Philippines,” Ocampo said.

The bill carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment for those who
directly commit the act of enforced or involuntary disappearance, those
who induce others to commit the act, and those who allow the act to be
committed when it is within their power to stop the commission of the

The measure likewise penalizes co-conspirators with a jail term of 12
to 20 years.

Ocampo said there are at least 83 documented cases of forced
disappearances under the Arroyo administration alone.

“The series of abduction of Jonas, Ma. Luisa Posa-Domingo and Nilo
Arado, to name a few, underscore the gravity of the problem. Then and
now,the perpetrators have remained unpunished and free to commit the act
over and over,” he said.

Burgos’ mother Edita and his wife lambasted the Armed Forces of the
Philippines and the Philippine National Police for allegedly conniving
to cover-up Burgos’ disappearance by claiming that he was a victim of a
communist purge.

“This is not funny anymore,” Edita Burgos told reporters in a
news briefing, adding that the government is obviously engaging in another
“diversionary tactic.” – With Delon Porcalla

Another communist.... - zerotech99

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi
All rights reserved


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According to the article,
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