Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wife recalls Cpl Regua's heroism

Official Philippine Army Press Release

Date Released: 29 Sep 2009

Being one of the first who responded to the flood-stricken areas in Sitio Johnson, Brgy. Nanguma, Mabitac, Laguna, the Philippine Army suffered six casualties from the disaster response team who went to the area. Among those who offered their lives is Corporal (Cpl) Adriano Regua, the detachment commander of the response team, together with five of the Civilian Armed Forces Geographical Unit Active Auxiliary (CAA) in his team.

According to reports, Cpl Regua's family and home in Tanay, Rizal were also suffering the rampaging floods of "Ondoy" as he was saving lives in Mabitac, Laguna. Fortunately, as Philippine Army response teams also responded quickly, his wife and two daughters were brought to safer grounds. "Habang may nililigtas siyang ibang tao, ibang sundalo ang tumulong sa amin na pamilya niya," his wife recounts.

Reaching safety late last Saturday, his wife also sent a text message saying "Buti na lang ligtas tayong lahat," unaware of the tragedy her husband faced. It was reported that Cpl Regua died in an attempt at rescuing one of his men from being swept away by the current but, in the end, both of them were carried away by the strong flood, drowning them. This feat proves how responsible a leader Cpl Regua is to his men. Also, as the detachment commander of his group, he led his team well, as they were able to save 200 residents in the area alone even at the cost of their own lives. His remains, along with his five CAA members', were recovered the next day at around 9:30 am along Manila East Road in the same area.

Cpl Regua's wife could not help but mourn over her husband's death. But, along with the rest of the country, she shall forever see Cpl Regua as a hero and a leader who selflessly offered his life in service of the citizens and his men. "Ang kunswelo ko lang, namatay siya na nagseserbisyo. Iyon naman talaga ang gusto niya e," she ends.

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