Thursday, January 02, 2014

PTDI Sell 2 Aircraft to the Philippine Military

State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) aircraft manufacturer, PT Indonesian Aerospace (PT DI), has won a tender for the procurement of military aircraft Philippines. Owned company based in Bandung, West Java, is ready to sell 2 units NC212i type aircraft by U.S. $ 18 million or the equivalent of 820 million pesos.

"We won 2 units in the project NC212i Light Lift Aircraft worth U.S. $ 18 million budget," said Director of Commerce and Restructuring PTDI Budiman Saleh in a statement to the, Monday (30/12/2013).

This aircraft procurement tender held by the Ministry of Defense for the purposes of the Air Force he said. Workmanship for the period of 2 units is projected to engulf the time 18-20 months.

NC212i itself is the new generation of aircraft types NC212-200 or NC212-400. This aircraft is a small aircraft. aircraft, can be used for commercial purposes, military personnel transport, cargo, VIP transportation to special missions.

For the civilian version of civil aviation, these aircraft can be fitted seat 24 passengers. Budiman explained, PT DI also plans to participate in a tender medium type aircraft in the Ministry of Defence Philippines.

PTDI ready to offer a type aircraft CN235 Maritime Patrol Aircraft native son of the nation's work. "in January 2014, we will follow the next tender for maritime patrol 3-4 / CN235 military transport," he said.

Note: Original news info was translated via Google.

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