Thursday, February 14, 2013

Philippines looking for naval ships with 'frigate capabilities'

MANILA, Feb. 13 (PNA) -- With the contract on the country's next-generation fighter aircraft almost a done deal, Defense spokesperson Dr. Peter Paul Galvez Wednesday said the Philippines is determined to acquire naval ships with "frigate capabilities" to help it protect and defend its 36,289 km coastline.

Galvez made the announcement when asked if the DND is in the market for modern offshore patrol vessels to boost the numbers of the Philippines Navy.

"(We are looking for ships with) frigate capabilities," he added.

The country has allocated around P11.7 billion to acquire two modern ships of the frigate type to backstop the aging naval assets of the PN by 2014.

Frigates are ships optimized for anti-submarine warfare and have a limited ability to engage aerial targets.

They are usually armed with surface-to-surface air missiles, anti-aircraft rockets, torpedoes and a variety of guns.

The DND earlier said five countries have expressed their intention to sell the Philippines modern frigates and offshore patrol vessels which will help the country protect its vast maritime territories.

Offers came from the United States, Israel, Croatia, South Korea and even Australia.
All vessels being offered by these nations are brand new.

Offers of the above-mentioned countries started coming during the last quarter of 2012.

The DND attributed the sudden influx of would-be-suppliers to the fact the Philippine is now seriously upgrading its military forces. 
Priam Nepomuceno | Philippine News Agency | February 13, 2013 | Article Link

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