Wednesday, February 15, 2012

French naval vessel in Cebu for goodwill visit

THE French Navy ship FS Vendemiaire arrived in Cebu City yesterday morning as part of their nine-day goodwill visit to the country.

The vessel's 92-strong crew including officers headed by its captain Commander Jean-Christophe Olieric were received by the Naval Forces Central (Navforcen) and the French consulate officials in Cebu.

Other Navy officers and representatives of the French Consulate boarded the ship for a brief meeting that ended at past 11 am. Media were requested by the French Consulate not to board the ship for security reasons.

Ensign Joseph Ison, Navforcen spokesperson, said there will be goodwill games between the French Navy and Navforcen and a ship tour today as part of their five-day goodwill visit.

Ison said there won't be any exercises during their visit.

Goodwill visits, Ison said, is one way for the Navy to learn the culture, expertise and capabilities of the French Navy.

Navforcen personnel will also have a chance to familiarize themselves with French’ weaponry, machineries and other capabilities of their ship.

The French vessel's visit marks its first in Cebu. It visited Manila in 2009.

FS Vendemiaire is a light monitoring frigate or warship of the French Marine Nationale. It has missiles, guns, a turret and a helicopter.

They are docked at berthing space no. 5 at the Cebu International Port. They will also be having a series of courtesy calls at the Capitol, Cebu City Hall and Centcom today.

Correspondent Carmel Loise Matus
Cebu Daily News

Photo courtesy of SnipCebu.Com

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