Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Opinion 1 - Government gave Php 5 Million to the MILF??

This news that I just chanced upon is ridiculous. The government of the Philippines under P-Noy gave Php 5 Million pesos to the MILF. Its purpose is to build a bangsamoro institution to train future leaders.

Now here is the fun part, the government, again under P-Noy did not asked the MILF leadership for proper accounting of the funds. So this means, no on-site inspection if a part of it was used to construct the facilities. No inspection of bid documents, even the mandatory posting in Philgeps for project bidding. No proper documentation on what and where the funds were used.

And the Palace further said that these initiatives were started by the previous administration, now hold on, when the new administration came along, when you Mr. President Noynoy came along what was the first directive you gave? HOLD-FREEZE all projects from the past administration. Do you know how many of those projects that where so worthwhile and so badly needed? Do you know that one of those was to purchase equipment that would have mitigated the floods in luzon? BUT this Php 5 Million aid to the MILF, why was this not stopped? was this worthwhile for peace?

I'll bet that Php 5 Million was used not to build that institution, I'll bet it was used to buy equipment, equipment that killed those soldiers.. It was used to train these rebels to kill, to make bombs, and to do criminal activities.

And regarding that bangsamoro institution, do you really believe that it will train future leaders of peace? or future leaders for the killing spree?

Here is the news clipping on that subject:

Palace slams 'malicious' text messages on 'aid' to MILF

Malaca├▒ang on Wednesday scored what it called malicious text messages making insinuations about a P5-billion "aid" it gave to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) recently.

Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda scored the timing of the text messages, which he said insinuated President Benigno Aquino III gave P5 billion to the MILF when he met its top leaders in Japan last August.

"I have talked to the President about these text messages. These text messages are malicious, and sent at a time soldiers are angry," he said in an interview on dzBB radio.

He was referring to the sentiment of soldiers following the death of 19 soldiers in a clash in Basilan last week.

Several sectors had called on Aquino to end peace efforts with the MILF following the clashes.

But Aquino had refused to heed these calls and instead ordered intensified police and military operations to pursue the perpetrators.

Last weekend, the Palace also announced Aquino ordered the release of P10 billion to modernize the military's equipment.

Lacierda said the text messages indicated Aquino gave the P5-billion aid as early as August when he met with top MILF officials in Japan.

He said the amount was only P5 million, which was a commitment by the Arroyo administration to establish a Bangsamoro institution that would train future leaders.

"This is (an) institution-building (program) which we found worth pursuing," he said.

He said Marvic Leonen, the chairman of the government peace panel dealing with the MILF, turned over the amount to the MILF.

"My understanding was that the amount was in the form of a check," he said.

Lacierda also denied "disinformation" that Aquino had demanded MILF chairman Al-Haj Murad an accounting.

"None at all. Hindi namin pinapa-explain paano [ginamit ang] P5 million," he said.

Lacierda also sought to reassure soldiers the government is committed to fiscal reform while providing soldiers with updated equipment and combat pay.

"Ang saloobin ng Pangulong Aquino, those who defend the state must be given (due) benefits (President Aquino believes those who defend the state must be given the benefits due them)," he said. — LBG, GMA News

This is my opinion..

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