Sunday, October 04, 2009

"I don't want soldiers in my town (Marikina)" - Bayani Fernando

If this is true, then Mr. Bayani Fernando is not suitable to be the President.


I want to share this story when my unit 1504th Manila & 1503rd conduct a clearing Operation in one of the Brgys in Marikina.

Around 010900H Oct 2009, 1503rd & 1504th Manila assigned in Marikina to conduct a clearing operation, when suddenly Bayani Fernando shouted to the soldiers that he doesn't want soldiers in his town. Looks like this man doesn't no what pain this soldiers get when they heard this to him.

We started to be mobilized together with the regular forces after the flood happened.

then this Bayani shouted to us like that, He doesn't realized that even one single MMDA personnel was not seen in his town.

We sacrifice our jobs and left our family to help his place then he.... bash angry Fuck!

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