Friday, April 11, 2008

Rants 2008 #1

It's been a wild year last 2007, now enter 2008..and it is still wild..Filipinos haven't learned much of what happened in the previous years. Filipinos still have the ack to be used by greedy politicians, by priest who have lost sight of what really their jobs is, by personalities acting like they did not do wrong..and by hypocrites, and lastly soldiers who betrayed the country and the constitution.

Speaking of the soldiers, 9 of them have already been sentenced by the courts..and aside from that they still have to be tried via Court Martial. Now something is bothering me, why would the AFP mention pardon for them? Just because they have publicly apologize to the President and somehow to the public does not mean that they are entitled to pardon..Look at what happen to "Mr. Pig" Erap, he got pardoned by the President but look at what he is doing once again..He seems not remorsed by the consequences of his actions when he was a president and when he was in jail. He got pardoned right, but he could have just lived a quite life and just shut up on politics..Pigs are still pigs regardless of being in jail and subsequently being pardoned.

Here is the excerpt on "The Star" newspaper:

MANILA, APRIL 9, 2008 (STAR) By Michael Punongbayan and Jaime Laude -
The Makati Regional Trial Court yesterday meted life sentences on two
ringleaders of the failed Oakwood mutiny and sentenced seven junior
military officers of the Magdalo group to jail terms ranging from six to
12 years for taking part in a foiled coup attempt against President
in 2003.

Following the conviction and sentencing, the leadership of the Armed
Forces of the Philippines is seriously considering filing an appeal for
pardon on their behalf, although MalacaƱang officials denied that
there are any moves for a presidential pardon.

Makati RTC Branch 148 Judge Oscar Pimentel sentenced Captains Gerardo
Gambala and Milo Maestrecampo to reclusion perpetua or 20 to 40
years’ imprisonment.

The court imposed a lighter sentence on Captains Alvin Ebreo,
Laurence Louis Somera, Albert Baloloy and John Andres; 1Lt. Florentino Somera,
1Lt. Cleo Dongga and 2Lt. Kristoffer Bryan Yasay to prision mayor, or
six to 12 years.

The court slapped the heavier penalty on Gambala and Maestrecampo,
considered the core leaders of the Magdalo group of junior military
officers and men who, along with detained Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, seized
the Oakwood Premiere Hotel in Makati City in a short-lived mutiny on
July 27, 2003.
Does the AFP leadership still thinks this former soldiers can make good of their apology?? Look at "The Gay Coup Plotter" Trillanes, he's supposed to be still in jail, but look at him, he got voted as another Pig Senator and made another coup attempt apparently using Pork Barrel fund to buy his toys and goons that unfortunately was crying during last november's failed coup attempt.

Does the AFP forgotten about it?? Do filipinos really learned from it??

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