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Unimpeachable logic

(Following is a reprint of an editorial in the June 29 issue of the Asian Wall Street Journal).IF Bill Clinton thought his impeachment proceeding diverted him from more pressing matters of state, he certainly wouldn’t want to step foot in Manila. There, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is facing her third impeachment hearing in a year. While it isn’t likely to succeed, the circus doesn’t bode well for the Philippines, where policy makers have other important problems to focus on.The tussle started last June, when Ms. Arroyo’s political opponents led by Samuel Ong, former deputy director of the National Bureau of Investigation, leveled charges of vote-rigging and corruption against the President. The complaint was tossed out as unsubstantiated. The second attempt, in September, was dismissed in a technicality—you can’t impeach the President mo…

Unicameral Notes


MANILA, June 12, 2006 (STAR
) By Christina Mendez - Sen. Edgardo Angara said yesterday the country’s "archaic governmental setup" has hindered development and had kept the nation from reaping the benefits of genuine independence. Speaking yesterday on the eve of Philippine Independence Day, Angara reiterated the need for the country to shift from the presidential to a parliamentary form of government. "Our government structure is a remnant of our colonial past," he said. "Seventy-one years after we first adopted the Philippine Constitution, we still have the same administrative setup, the same kind of almost feudalistic system," he said. Angara is pushing for the devolution and decentralization of powers from the central government to the provinces. "In essence, we are living in a time warp," he said. "We are governed by a political and administrative arrangement that hampe…