Saturday, January 18, 2014

Signing of armored contract deal with Israeli defense manufacturer to boost PA's firepower capability --DND

With the impending delivery of 28 brand-new armored fighting vehicles, 14 of which are armed with automatic 76mm cannons, the Philippine Army's capability to provide support to its infantry units will be greatly enhanced.

Contract for these armored units, which is worth P888 million, was awarded to one of Israel's leading defense manufacturer, Elbit Systems Land and C4I, last week.

Aside from "fire support units," six of the Israeli-built armored vehicles are classified as the "armored personnel carrier" models, four as "infantry fighting vehicles and the remaining four as "recovery and repair" units.

Full delivery of these vehicles is expected within a year or around January 2015.

DND Assistant Secretary Patrick Velez earlier noted that these armored vehicles are very capable.
Once in service, 14 armored vehicles armed with 76mm cannon will act as the mobile artillery units of the PA which at the moment is armed with 273 units of heavy guns.

Around 24 of these weapons are the heavy 155mm howitzers with the remaining guns consisting of various models of the 105mm howitzer, an artillery piece capable of being towed or tracked into combat.

These weapons are constantly being maintained and modernized to provide Army units with a relatively heavy punch.

Article Source: PNA

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