Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Philippine Army to get more bigger, powerful guns -- DND

In a bid to further improve the offensive and defensive capabilities of the Philippine Army, the Department of National Defense has announced that it is acquiring more potent weaponry for the service in the coming months.

One of these weapons is a shore-based missile system worth P6.5 billion that could include 12 launchers, trailers and tracking systems and missiles that could be fired to hit ground and naval targets.

Patrick Velez, DND vice chair for the bids and awards committee, said once acquired, the weaponry will be placed under the control and supervision of the Army.

The acquisition of the shore-based missiles will be carried out through “limited source bidding."

Velez defines limited source bidding as a process where certain companies are invited to submit bids for a project.No other details were given for security reasons.

Another weapon system in the process of acquisition for the Army are 12 units of towed 155mm howitzers for P438,620,000. This includes 240 rounds of 155mm HE (high explosive) and integrated logistic support.

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