Thursday, April 26, 2012

Govt Troops Foiled NPA Attack; 4 NPAs, 1 Cafgu killed

CAMP PANACAN, Davao City- Government troops foiled the attack of more or less 30 Organized Crime Group - New People’s Army (OCG-NPA) in an encounter that transpired at about 1:45 pm on Wednesday, April 25, 2012.
 27th Infantry Battalion disclosed that the OCG-NPAs were on board one hijacked forward truck when they attacked Talusob Detachment in Brgy. Bacungan, Magsaysay, Davao del Sur.
According to Lt. Col. Alexis Bravo, Commander of 27th IB, government troops have defended well and were not discouraged to fight back during the encounter. The fire fight lasted for 45 minutes.

 “The failed attack is an indication that these OCG-NPAs continue to weaken and now losing their mass base support,” Bravo said. 

He also lauded the Cafgu members who repulsed the attack despite being outnumbered. “We commend our troops’ courage and valor,” Bravo added who has operational jurisdiction in the said area. 

One Cafgu, CAA Leonardo Cainglet, was killed in action (KIA) while one Cafgu, identified as Dionato Obias, was slightly wounded on the said attack.

Bravo also revealed that the OCG-NPAs left two of their dead companions while two more comrades were dead as reported by local residents. He added that after the failed attack, the OCG-NPAs withdrew and abducted five local residents of Brgy. San Miguel, adjacent barangay of Bacungan all of Magsaysay, Davao del Sur, as their human shield and carrier of the wounded NPA. While one horse of a local resident of said barangay was also used as carrier. Bravo identified the victims as Vicente Bunal, Jolly Paimalan, Elmer Entes, Rhyan Banua and Pablo Butaya. 

The government troops were able to recover one M14 rifle, one USAS 12 gauge shotgun, fragmentation grenade, assorted ammunitions and twenty backpacks. 

 “We will give appropriate awards and benefits to our casualties and we will be more determined to implement our genuine Peace and Development efforts as our commitment to the community who are vulnerable to OCG-NPA criminalities”, Bravo said. 

According to 1002nd Brigade Commander, Col. Glorioso V. Miranda, this violent action by the lawless armed group was aimed at intimidating the civilians who are supportive of the presence of 27th IB peace and development teams in their barangay. 

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