Tuesday, March 06, 2012

AFP warns alleged armed military personnel operating ‘colorum’ PUVs

MANILA, Philippines- The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) warned those alleged military personnel who are carrying their service firearms while driving or operating “colorum” (unregistered or out-of-route) public utility vehicles (PUVs) saying they would not be tolerated.
AFP spokesman Colonel Arnulfo Marcelo Burgos said in a press briefing Monday that the military “ will never tolerate any personnel of the AFP to be violating laws, any rules and regulations, any policies of the organization.”
The Land Transportation Office (LTO) of the National Capital Region (NCR) had reportedly stated that 30 percent of “colorum” PUVs caught by LTO enforcers were driven or operated by off-duty or retired policemen or soldiers who were carrying firearms.
LTO-NCR director Teofilo Guadiz reportedly said that they are having difficulties in enforcing their anti-colorum campaign because of these armed drivers.
Burgos said “AFP personnel are only allowed to carry their issued firearms in the performance of official duties and function [and] when they are in their proper uniform.”
“It is against the law to carry firearms when not engaging in official function,” Burgos said.
Burgos said that the LTO enforcers can lodge their complaints against erring personnel to the AFP so that the person can be summoned and an investigation can be conducted.
Maximum punishment could be discharge from service “depending on the gravity of violations subject to the due process of law,” Burgos said.
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