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AFP Honors 4th PHL Contingent to Golan Heights

Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City—The Armed Forces of the Philippines received the 333-strong Philippine Contingent to Golan Heights after nine months of deployment in the contested territory. This is in line with the AFP’s commitment to the United Nations’ peacekeeping efforts to maintain international peace and stability in the area.
The 4th contingent, which was the first ever to be sent with an entire battalion as its core, was given their United Nations Service Medals for the accomplishment of their mission. The welcome and awarding ceremony was held today at the Canopy Area of the General Headquarters.
In a statement, the 4th contingent, led by 76th Infantry Battalion Commanding Officer, Col. Cornelio H. Valencia, said that their deployment coincided with the Arab Spring that affected the United Nations Disengagement Force’s (UNDOF) Area of Limitation and Area of Separation due to a series of protests.
Protests on events like Nakba Day, which means “Day of the Catastrophe,” and ironically is the Arab commemoration of the creation of Israel; and Naksa Day that means “Day of the Setback,” which is the Arab commemoration of the Six Days War, also prompted the contingent to adopt an enhanced patrolling system and clear critical areas from landmine threats.
The AFP has been sending contingents to Golan Heights since November 2009 as part of the UNDOF, replacing Poland in forming the more than 1,000 peacekeeping units of the United Nations.
The 4th Contingent to Golan Heights was composed of 49 officers and 278 enlisted personnel. 30 are women including some officers. There are also a total of eight soldiers who were part of the 3rd Contingent who had extended deployments.
In May last year, the AFP sent the 4th CGH with a whole battalion that forms the core of the contingent. The AFP sent the 76th Infantry Battalion that cleared the Southern part of Quezon of New People’s Army Guerilla Front 42, which was supplemented with additional officers and personnel to comply with the UN Troop Organization and Equipment requirements.
AFP Chief of Staff LtGen Jessie D Dellosa congratulated the contingent for its successful deployment and unceasing commitment to promote peace. “The entire military organization is proud of its soldiers who willingly extend the scope of their service in order to help those who need to maintain peace and security abroad,” said LtGen Dellosa.
“With their dedication to their engagement in very dangerous situations in Golan Heights, our troops still managed to give exemplary contribution to peace, order and security in the area,” LtGen Dellosa added.
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