Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Philippine Army in Zamboanga Peninsula recruits new candidate soldiers

Photo by Cpl Marco Balinia
KUTA SANG-AN, Zamboanga – The Philippine Army in Zamboanga peninsula is announcing the recruitment and training of candidate soldiers for this year, a military official said.
Lieutenant Colonel Bagnus P Gaerlan, the Assistant Chief of Staff for Personnel (G1) of the 1st Infantry Division, said that the Command needs 142 males and eight female soldiers for the year 2012 as replacements to those who have retired in the military service.
“Normally, there is a decrease in the number of soldiers in the Army force due to retirement attrition, and dismissal. Every year, we fill up these gaps with our continuous recruitment efforts. The recruitment in the Zamboanga peninsula area started this February,” said Gaerlan.
Interested Candidate Soldier Course (CSC) applicants must submit the following requirements neatly organized in one folder:
Tab A- Whole body picture (white shirt and colored)
B- Bio-data with 2x2 ID picture
C- Original copy of NSO Birth Certificate with attached official receipt
D- Original copy of NSO marriage contract of parents (with official receipt)
E- Certificate of Legal Beneficiary
F- Original Transcript of Records (College/Vocational) or Form 137 & 138 (High School) with visible School Dry Seal
G- Diploma (with school dry seal)
H- PAATB Result (Official Result authenticated by the examiner)
I- PME Result (Authenticated and signed by the CO, ASH)
J- PFT result (Authenticated and signed by the PFT Officer)
K- Drug Test Result
L- Hepa Test Result
M- Local Clearances (shall be from the place of residence for at least ten (10) years) to include a. Barangay, b. Police, c. Mayor, d. RTC and e. NBI clearances
                      N- Affidavit of being single
O- Original Copy of NSO CENOMAR (with official receipt).

The following are the scheduled dates, activities and venues relative to CSC processing:

Stages / Date /  Activities / Venue
Stage 1 / 01-10 Feb 12 / Registration / MP gate 2
Stage 2 / 27-29 Feb 12 / Diagnostic Examination / Division Gymnasium
Stage 3 / 06, 08, 13, 15 March 12 / PFT / Division Gymnasium
Stage 4 / 26 March – 13 April 12 / Skill Test / (SSBN, 1SIGBN, 1PED)
Stage 5 / 03 May 12 / PA CS Validation/Inspection of Documents / Division Grandstand
Stage 6 / 07-30 May 12 / Physical and Medical Examination (PME/Dental/NP Exam) / KCSSH
Stage 7 / 06-08 June 12 / Board Interview / Officers Club House 
Stage 8 / 12-13 June 12 / Final Board Deliberation (Final Command Approval) / DCR
Stage 9 / 26 Jun 12 / Final Call for male and Female CS / Division Grandstand
Stage 10 / 28-29 June 12 / Rehearsal for Opening / Division Grandstand
Stage 11 / 01 July 12 / Tentative Opening / Division Grandstand

Brigadier General Ricardo Rainier G. Cruz, the Commander of the 1st Infantry Division, encourages all interested qualified applicants in the Division’s area of responsibility to join the Army thru Team Tabak in order to significantly contribute in the attainment of lasting peace, particularly in the Southern  Mindanao region. 

"I am inviting all able-bodied and qualified individuals to enlist in the Army. It is very rewarding to help our countrymen in this part of the country through the military service," said Cruz. 
Written by DND-AFP 
Posted online by Robyn Allas
Zambo Times

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