Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Philippine Air Force conducts test on newly delivered Sokol Choppers

Fort Ramon Magsaysay-- Brand new Philippine Air Force Sokol Chopper on a test flight at the Fort Ramon Magsaysay Airspace Monday afternoon. 
Pulse rates ran high with excitement for soldiers assigned here when they noticed a unique chopping sound of the air in the background being accustomed to the thud of a Huey helicopter or any other rotary aircraft the Armed Forces Philippines has. 
Manning the airfield tower here, the Philippine Army Aviation Battalion of the Light Armor Division, (AABn, LAD) stationed here may have been the first Philippine Army unit to establish radio contact with the brand-new choppers as it flew for a test flight from Clark Air Base in Pampanga and passed by the airspace here.
PTV Department of National Defense - Philippines Armed Forces of the Philippines Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines
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