Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New task force chief vows to protect unit's gains

THE new chief of Task Force Davao (TFD) vowed to protect the gains of the nine-year-old anti-terrorist unit and work from there.
Army Colonel Marcos Norman Flores, during Tuesday’s turnover ceremony at the TFD headquarters, vowed to continue the programs that his predecessor, Colonel Rey Leonardo Guerrero, has started.
"Hindi po natin pababayaang basta na lang mapunta sa wala (We will not allow the gains to just go down the drain)," Flores said, referring to the outstanding job of Guerrero.
"I know there are a lot challenges and I vow to confront them head-on in making Davao City terrorist-free," Flores said.
"TFD's accomplishments under my watch may be less compared with other TFD commanders but this a product of diligence and hard work and may the new TFD chief continue to pursue them relentlessly," said Guerrero.
"I leave Davao City with a promise fulfilled. I may be in Davao Oriental but I will be guarding Davao City and the Island Garden City of Samal from the other end of the Davao Gulf. I will also be leaving a capable unit, competent men and women," Guerrero added, who led TFD helm since August 2010.
He owed his performance to the drive and work ethics of Major General Jorge V. Segovia, chief of the Army's 10th Infantry Division.
Guerrero recognized the TFD troops, who are mostly non-regular Army personnel, for enduring the heat, rain, dust and smog, and scorn of irate motorists just to keep Davao City and Samal terrorist-free.
He also thanked partners in the local government, business sector and media partners for their support.
Guerrero urged the men and women of TFD to accord Flores the same support given him during his more than one and a half year as TFD chief.
It is the third time that Flores and Guerrero were involved in turnover ceremonies -- the two others were when Flores replaced Guerrero as commander of the Army's 6th Infantry Battalion in Negros Oriental and Chief of Staff of the 3rd Infantry Division in Jamindan, Capiz.
As the 8th TFD chief aims to excel in assuming the post from a predecessor who was given a high score by Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio, Flores vowed to enhance the security system that TFD has been implementing.
"We will be active in calamity response and include risk reduction management in improving the capability of TFD, aside from anti-terrorism," Flores said.
The top man of the Army's 10th ID, meanwhile, lauded TFD under Guerrero's watch.
"It is now a regular part of Davao City's landscape and a source of pride for the 10th ID. Jagger (Col. Guerrero) is a humble officer who refuses to brag about his accomplishments," said Segovia, who is guest speaker in Tuesday's turnover ceremony.
"The loss of Davao City is a gain for Davao Oriental," Segovia said referring to Guerrero's assignment as commander of the Army's 701st Infantry Brigade based in Mati City, Davao Oriental.
He said Guerrero's reassignment has long been overdue.
Meanwhile, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio thanked Guerrero for his dedication.
Dutert-Carpio also thanked Segovia for the 10th ID's support to the City Government of Davao.
She also lauded men and women of TFD for their efforts in doing their job of safeguarding the peace and serenity of Davao City.
With Flores as the new TFD head, Duterte said she expects excellence. "We do not have to remind you always the reason why TFD was created."
TFD was created in 2003 by virtue of an Executive Order with the explicit function to prevent terrorist attacks similar to the Davao International Airport and Sasa wharf bombings in March and April of the same year, respectively that killed 38 people and injured several others.
Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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