Tuesday, February 28, 2012

AFP Adopts POL Austerity Measures

CAMP GENERAL EMILIO AGUINALDO, Quezon City – In view of the increase in current world oil prices, the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ (AFP) will exercise prudence and adopt austerity measures in the utilization of Petroleum, Oil and Lubricant (POL) products.
The AFP Chief, LtGen Jessie D. Dellosa through the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, J4 has recently issued a directive to all Commanders of AFP Major Services, Unified Commands, General Headquarters and AFP Wide Service Support Units (AFPWSSUs) to observe strict measures in the consumption of POL as it is one of the critical items of supply in the AFP. This is also to minimize its impact in the accomplishment of the organization’s mission.
By order of the AFP Chief of Staff, all units and offices must strictly observe the following procedures: priority of POL issuance shall be in the implementation of the Internal Peace and Security Plan (IPSP) Bayanihan; Non-essential movement of vehicles shall be avoided; and Units and offices must observe the “carpool” scheme to save on fuel requirements and expenses.
Furthermore, periodic preventive maintenance schedule of all vehicles shall be strictly observed to ensure its roadworthiness; and whenever possible, all units and offices must avoid or minimize the use of POL high consuming vehicles.
But even before this directive, the AFP has been doing conservation measures in the utilization of POL. Units and offices of the AFP have been submitting a monthly oil consumption report to make sure POL transactions are transparent and monitored. The implementation of “no decal, no POL issuance policy is also being practiced as well as the use of Coconut Methyl Esther (CME) blended-diesel fuel. There is also a measure which excludes vehicles prohibited to travel based on MMDA coding scheme from issuance of POL.
“There’s no denying of the continuous increase of oil price in the global perspective, so for AFP’s part, I have directed all personnel, units and offices to strictly adhere to the austerity measures rooted out from the utilization and usage of POL. This is our way of expressing our oneness with the nation in doing all possible means in saving and conserving our resources,” Dellosa said.
“We assure that this will not affect the performance of our major responsibilities and mission. Our operational and administrative activities anchored with the implementation of the IPSP Bayanihan’s principles will continue,” Dellosa added.
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