Monday, February 27, 2012

123 New Soldiers Join Army

LAUR, Nueva Ecija, Philippines — Some 123 new soldiers will join the strong force of the 7th Infantry Division Training Unit (7DTU) of the Philippine Army as they graduated from the Candidate Soldier Course (CSC) and Jungle Warfare Mountain Operation Course (JWMOC).
“Each aspirant undergoes the CSC and JWMOC in order for one to have a basic foundation expected of a soldier of the Philippine Army. The training prepares the candidate soldier for his future role of performing duties in an Infantry Squad,” the Army here said.
It said that the training also molds an individual to be physically fit, well-disciplined, and properly motivated to fill-in the enlisted rank requirements of the Army.
“With one objective of instilling discipline, the CSC and JWMOC aims at having the candidate soldier adept in military doctrines, policies, Standing Operating Procedures; and skilled in basic weapon and war materiel operations; and resolute in Army Techniques Tactics and Procedure, in order for an Infantry Squad to have a reliable and responsive member,” it added.
Lt. Col. Rynell More, 7th Infantry Division’s (7ID) Assistant Chief of Staff for Education and Training, G8, said, “Our role here is to make the training conducive to learning and close to the real scenario. I’m proud to say that the DTU has performed its mandate.”
Brig. Gen. Alan R Luga, Commander 7ID said, “As they join the regular force, these new breed of soldiers are to live by and banner proudly what ‘Kaugnay’ Division is all about, an army that adheres to the rule of law, the international humanitarian law, human rights, governance, and excellence”.
February 25, 2012, 6:43pm
Manila Bulletin

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