Monday, January 30, 2012

8 firms want to join bidding for P174-million Army body armor

MANILA, Philippines - Eight firms have expressed interest to join the bidding for the acquisition of P174 million worth of body armor for the Army.

A list of prospective bidders obtained by The STAR showed that the companies were based in India, Korea, Serbia, Israel and the United States.

The companies are MKU PVT Ltd. of India; Concentric Industries Inc. of Korea, UM Merkata DOO of Serbia, Tactics SOG Industries of the US, Protective Products of the US, SIA of Israel, Goldbell Philippines and JEJE Enterprises.

These firms have bought bid documents from the Department of National Defense Bids and Awards Committee (DND-BAC).

The bidding for the force protection equipment was originally scheduled on Feb. 6. The BAC, however, has decided to move it to Feb. 21 after some firms requested for more time to fulfill some documentary requirements.

The project would involve the acquisition of 3,480 sets of body armors for Army soldiers.

Body armors are used to provide protection to soldiers in field units who are engaged in combat operations.

The defense department requires that bidders should have completed within five years from the submission and receipt of bids a contract similar to the project.

The bidding would be conducted through open and competitive bidding procedures. The offers will be opened in the presence of security officials, the bidders’ representatives, civil society groups and the media.

Local and foreign firms could join the bidding subject to the eligibility conditions set by the implementing rules of the procurement law.
PAF to get 22  modernization projects

 In another development, the Air Force would get 22 of the 138 modernization projects that the DND wants approved by July.

Air Force Vice Commander Maj. Gen. Renato Lorenzo Sanchez said these projects would support pilot training, air mobility and limited interdiction.

“These 22 projects alone will boost our aircraft numbers by 79 aircraft, 56 of which will be new and 23 refurbished,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez said the Air Force would also acquire a 3D radar and at least 30 engineering equipment.

“By 2016 we shall have expanded our airspace and maritime domain awareness and territorial defense capability,” he said.

“Modernization has been a long cherished dream of the Philippine Air Force and now we are finally in the threshold of realizing this dream.”

The DND aims to approve the contracts of 138 modernization projects worth P70 billion before the end of July.

Officials said the projects would support the military’s internal security operations while enhancing its territorial defense capability.

The projects would include multi-role vessels for the Navy, fighter jets and long-range patrol aircraft for the Air Force and maritime and aerial radars.
By Alexis Romero
The Philippine Star
January 30, 2012 12:00 AM

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