Thursday, December 22, 2011


This year, the AFP launched the Internal Peace and Security Plan “Bayanihan”. This campaign plan is a shift from the traditional approach of conflict resolution to the more subtle non-traditional role of the AFP geared towards solving the root causes of conflict. The campaign plan is anchored on concepts like “Winning the Peace”, “Whole-of-Nation Approach”, and “People-Centered Approach”

            In line with this campaign, the largest grassroots green lighting project in the world is happening on November 30, 2011 in Metro Manila. The Armed Forces of the Philippines with Rotary International District 3830 and My Shelter Foundation, will work hand in hand to install 10,000 solar bottle bulbs in 30 target communities in 16 Metro Manila Cities, wherein the CMO Battalion being one of the active Bayanihan partner was tasked to produce 750 solar bottle bulbs under the supervision of JTFCMO-NCR. This will be participated in by all the Rotary Clubs in District 3830, National Capital Region Command, My Shelter Foundation and volunteers from our friends and sponsors. BBC, CNN, and other foreign media have already signified intention to broadcast this Grand Installation Caravan. The Liter of Light Project already ranked number one in the Global Green Lighting Programs Poll.

 The project provides an alternative to household dependence on electricity and open flame. By using the natural source of light – the sun; a household can save on its expenses, reduce risk and maximize its potential during the day. By having the contraption installed in their homes, housewives will be able to work on their domestic chores; children will be able to study under better light; and households and small-scale businesses can save on their monthly expenses.

            This November 30 launch in NCR will be the first in a series of partnerships with other stakeholders to provide this ingenious device to all Filipinos all over the country.

November 30,2011

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