Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Bomber uses new type of explosives

ZAMBOANGA CITY -- The bombs that exploded and detonated recently in an east coast Barangay of this city were new types of explosives, an explosive expert said Saturday.

Cesar Memoracion, local police's Explosive Ordnance Demolition (EOD) chief, said the explosives were with “collapsible circuit” triggering mechanism.

One of the three improvised bombs exploded in Sangali village, killing a construction worker and wounding six others.

Three other improvised bombs were found and detonated by the EOD personnel.

Memoracion said the improvised bombs have connected bulb powered by a dry cell battery and explode once the battery drains.

He said previous improvised bombs that were recovered and detonated used mobile phone as triggering device.

Memoracion said that the ones who assembled the improvised bombs on Wednesday have knowledge on how to fabricate electronic circuit.

Wednesday’s explosion occurred near a small restaurant and police station and damaged nearby stores, Zamboanga City police chief Edwin de Ocampo said.

Police Station 3 chief Elmer Acuña identified the fatality as Lobeto Ibañez, 19, a construction worker and resident of Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte province.

De Ocampo said the bomb exploded after Ibañez touched an abandoned plastic bag containing vegetables left under one of the tables at the restaurant.

Police said an unidentified person ordered Ibañez to bring the plastic bag to a pile of firewood outside of the eatery. The bag's content, which turned out to be a bomb, exploded as he was checking it.

Meanwhile, Acuña has released the artist sketch of the bombing suspect.

Acuña said the bombing suspect's artist sketch was made based on the description given by witnesses.

He said the suspect is about five feet and five inches in height, around 28 to 30 years old, medium-built, with fair complexion, and speaking in Tagalog but with Tausog intonation. (Bong Garcia/Sunnex)



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