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Unicameral Parliament

I found this on a newspaper and i think it is worth to be posted here so that visitors would be informed of the cost and the setbacks the bicameral system has done to the country. The bi-cameral system of government has its own good intentions but current political climate and the overall thinking of the Senators have made the bi-cameral system in a mess. A number of "in aid of legislation" investigations have sprouted since GMA sat down for office. And all of this investigations have no ending..except dead endings..Investigations are in general against the president, and most of it are not new or should i say RECYCLED ISSUES.. issues that where long gone buried and cannot be proven. Another investigation the senate started was with the failed mutiny of a group of elite soldiers of the AFP. The senate investigations are over and recommendations where made, BUT the senate as the LAW MAKER's seem not to understand the recommendations given by both military and civilian point of view. And the military is still in quite a mess in terms of equipment, personnel benefits, and overall morale of the soldiers. The current senate wants and likes to be in the headlines news always..they are seeking popularity, and therefore are not doing their job.. They are only seeking personal gains and sometimes political gains..If an inquiry of their assets would be done..and i mean a very stringent investigation.. you might not be appalled by the number of properties these senators have here in the philippines and as well as outside the philippines. Aside from properties , bank accounts and business..named to other people within the family or a dummy person can be found. If the US CIA would make this inquiry i think it would be very very profound..

Here is the newspaper ad, found it in Manila bulletin may 27,2006 issue:


So that the Filipino people will not be misled and misinformed, here is what we mean when we say: ABOLISH THE SENATE and HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES.

Since July 2004 when the 13th Congress was inaugurated, here is the score from the congressional ledger: 51 BILLS OF NATIONAL APPLICATION and 708 BILL OF LOCAL APPLICATION already approved on third reading by the House of Representatives HAVE BEEN GATHERING DUST FOR MONTHS IN THE SENATE.

The list of bills is too long to fit this space. We've collated most of the 51 national bills, majority of which are urgent measures, because they may never see the light of day in the senate.

The Senate's inaction is an abosolute waste of people's money.Just one law enacted by the senate and the House of Representative cost the government almost 700 million PESOS in taxpayer's money.**(soure: Mannila Standard Today)
The Senate's conduct leads to one inescapable conclusion: Its time to shift the country to a parliamentary government and a Unicameral(one-house) parliament!

Bills of National Application long approved by the House and Pending in the Senate
(As of April 25,2006)

Bill No. Short Title Transmitted to the Senate

HB04710 General Appropriations Act of 2006 3/21/06
HB04839 Anti_terrorism Act of 2005 1/24/06
HB04629 BioEthanol Fuel Act of 2005 8/24/05
HB03295 Investments Incentives Code
of the Philippines 3/8/05
HB03740 Amending of RA No. 8178 by
extending the utilization period of
agricultural competitiveness
enhancement fund 3/8/05
HB04069 Anti-Smuggling Act of 2005 5/24/05
HB02933 Granting a One-time Tax Amnesty
on all unpaid national internal
revenue taxes for taxable year
2003 and prior years 12/15/04
HB04264 Omnibus Housing and Urban
Developmetn Act 10/12/05
HB04275 Ensuring objectivity and the
protection of witnesses in the
prosecution of cases by the
ombudsman, allowing private
lawyers to act as prosecutors on
his behalf 6/1/05
HB03835 Socialized and low-cost housing
loan restructuting Act of 2005 3/16/05
HB04081 Billion trees Act of 2005 5/4/2005
HB05008 University of the Philippines
charter of 2005 2/7/06
HB03370 Creating the office of the
Comptroller of the AFP 4/6/06
HB01562 Amending RA 340,as amended,
which established a uniform
retirement system for the AFP 4/6/06
HB04846 Land Administration Reform
Act of 2005 11/29/05
HB03309 Frontline Service Information
Act of 2004 3/9/05
HB00068 Prohibiting of detention of Live or
Dead patients in hospitals and
medical clinics for non-payment
Hospital bills or medical expenses 5/25/05
HB04602 Philippine Cooperative Code of 2005 10/12/05
HB04835 Amending RA 35,As amended,
by including within its coverage
journalist from broadcast,
news agencies and internet
publications 11/29/05

there are more of this pending bills and other information @

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