Friday, April 28, 2006

Ledesma: The senators are coming!

By Jun Ledesma

THE latest is that the senators, once they come back from their junkets abroad, will fan out to the provinces to campaign against the Cha-cha. I thought I heard the senators say that Charter change will never ever happen because it will not have their imprimatur. Now they are saying that as soon as they come back from their foreign trips they will start with their campaign sorties to hinder the people's initiative (PI) to gather signatures that has backstopped the move for Cha-cha should this be contested in the Supreme Court.

The way things are going, the PI has gathered more than the necessary number of signatures to support the move to amend the constitution.

There is more than meets the eye in this exercise. The statistics says that those who want a shift from the present structure of the government to unicameral parliamentary has dramatically increased from a low of 20 percent to a high of 43 percent. This cannot just be ignored. Given the fact that the local government units, business organizations and civic institutions are now openly working for the number that would send a loud noise for the people's initiative, neither the nonchalant Senate or the High Court can just ignore the cry.

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Ledesma: The senators are coming!

PI!!! .... People's Initiative ( not the other P.I.) is gaining support..even i will support a change from bicameral to unicameral system. One very positive outcome would be less people in power, less people that have 2-3 figure income (actually i don't know how much they get), and less people to corrupt us. But, Hey, think again, some say a unicameral system is not beneficial and some say they are..whoever tells the truth, we us citizens should be vigilant.. Their are issues to be pondered about..One, would be, why just now?? Is it politically motivated?? from which country's constitution be used as a model for the new constitution? would foreigners be given more access to our resources?? would it create more jobs?? would it entice more business to open?? would it protect the citizens rights?? what would happen to the country when the shift begins?? who will govern?? will the same people that are in power now govern the new type of government?? would it benefit all??

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